Welcome to CinemAddicts!!


A couple of months ago I dined with longtime friend Anderson Cowan at Pink Taco, a restaurant housed in the Century City Mall to talk about a podcast about filmmaking that I had in mind. My idea was much more jumbled and horrifically esoteric, and thankfully Anderson had a much simpler, and more importantly entertaining idea.

CinemAddicts is a program wherein we review 2-3 movies that are being released each Friday. The goal is for us to cover at least one of the “big” movies opening that weekend plus spotlight movies that may slip through the cracks.

Since Anderson and I have widely different tastes, our reviews often live on opposite ends of the spectrum. Thanks to his years working on both The Film Vault and The After Disaster, Anderson has extensive experience in the podcasting world. As for me, I’m an editor and writer of three websites (Hollywood Outbreak, Deepest Dream, Find Your Seen).

During one of our many conversations about film, Anderson expressed his desire to discuss movies that will hopefully find its way to fellow movie addicts, and in a way we’re both seeing the show as a bit of an educational service.

That being said, that “education” goes both ways, as we’re highly open to expanding our own film knowledge from the listeners of the podcast and readers of the new site.

Please feel free to comment below about CinemAddicts or simply give us your feedback/suggestions!!

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