Movie Love: Director Brad Furman Talks ‘True Romance’

Brad Furman, whose previous directing credits include The Lincoln Lawyer and Runner Runner, is back with The Infiltrator. While promoting The Infiltrator, Furman elaborated on his “movie love” for True Romance, a feature many consider director Tony Scott’s finest achievement.

“Before I make any movie, I watch True Romance . . if you look at certain things in True Romance (like) the Safari Inn or the couch on the side of the road in front of LAX or the other place where Patricia Arquette is talking to Christian Slater outside on the billboard at night – I just thought the choices in the movie for where these things are taking place and the Dutch Angles when he gets in the coming book shop . . . Tony Scott – I think he was in some altered universe making that movie. It’s incredible. And then the re-use of the old score from Badlands . . . every time it just takes me back to how these choices impact the subconscious of the full experience.”


To hear Brad Furman talk about True Romance, click on the media bar below (during the interview, I likened his character driven work to the films of Sidney Lumet, hence the Lumet comments in the clip):

The Infiltrator, starring Bryan Cranston, Diane Kruger, and Benjamin Bratt, opens July 13. We’ll be reviewing the film on this week’s episode of CinemAddicts.