Shout! Factory Unleashes ‘Colors’ Collectors Edition In March

Shout! Factory will release an unrated cut of Colors, the cop drama starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall on March 7th. The Colors Collector’s Edition Blu-ray will also feature an array of special features. Click below for more info!

Directed by Dennis Hopper, Colors centers on seasoned LAPD officer Bob Hodges (Duvall). His wise ways doesn’t exactly mesh with his brash young partner Danny McGavin (Sean Penn), and both of their lives are endangered as they find themselves in the middle of a turf war between the Crips and the Bloods (hence the movie’s moniker).

Though I haven’t seen Colors since 1988, the movie had an undeniable effect on my psyche. Having been raised in the San Fernando Valley (I was a senior in high school during the movie’s release), Colors gave me an entirely different view of Los Angeles. Years later, it’s still hard to shake Ice T’s iconic rap song:

Special features on the disc include:

  1. “A Cry of Alarm” – An interview with the film’s writer (Michael Schiffer)
  2. “Cops and Robbers” – An interview with Dennis Fanning, the  technical Advisor and former police officer.
  3. Easter Egg

***The Unrated Cut is listed at 127 minutes, and the theatrical cut runs at 120 minutes. I really enjoyed the film almost thirty years ago, and hopefully this film stands the test of time. To preorder the title, go here.

***Have you seen Colors? Are you excited for this Unrated cut? Feel free to comment!