‘1000 Movies’ For 2017 and Maybe 2018!!

A part of my Brian De Palma collection

With Anderson doing his Friday/Saturday movie picks on our Facebook page, I’m also going to give my failed “1000 Movies” effort another go (there’s more to life than my fixation with Brian De Palma movies!). This time out, I’m going for a completely different approach, and I’m asking your help in the process!!

Along with barely even getting to 350 movies in 2016, I’ve learned that, at least for me, achieving 1,000 movies in 365 days is impossible. Like Anderson said during the show, watching all of these movies is like going to a film festival every single day of your life, and who the eff wants that?

That being said, I’d at like to at least double my 2017 movie output to watching two flicks per day. A portion of these are films I’ve already watched, some of them will be short films, but since I’m not trying to get to 1,000 in 2017, my goals are entirely different.

My passion for movies stems from my mother’s lifelong love for films, and to this day she averages at least a film per day. Taking part in CinemAddicts has rekindled my true love for cinema, a relationship that has been dimmed by years of covering press junkets and watching horrible movies.

The goal for this year and for a portion of 2018 is to get to that 1,000 mark and document that film by film experience on this site. I’ll also be needing a ton of recommendations as inch closer to achieving that mark.

Every Sunday, I’ll be posting my #1000movies update on this site, and at the bottom of the post or even our Facebook page, I’ll be asking for tons of Movie recommendations to help me along the way. So please, feel free to comment below and share some of your favorite films or just give a few recommendations.

At the end of each month, the readers/listeners who send me recommendations will be entered into a CinemAddicts Giveaway, and I will be giving out a free Blu-ray or piece of movie memorabilia to the random winner (the contest winner will announced on Facebook at the end of the month).

Again – every Sunday I’ll be posting a #1000movies update, and will be welcoming any type of Movie Recommendations via comments below. As soon as u give your recommendation, please email me at Ourcinemaddicts@gmail.com to confirm that you are entering the #1000movies giveaway. Basically, there will be 12 giveaways in 2016 that are being added to CinemAddicts, along with our Weekly Blu-ray giveaways.

Most importantly, thank you everyone for taking part in CinemAddicts with me and Anderson. Movies are, for better or worse, a huge way I relate to the world. Having discussions with AC and other “CinemAddicts” about movies really makes my day – and I actually love doing these giveaways.

At the end of each post, I’ll also give a quick movie recommendation. This week it’s Wong Kar Wai’s classic “In The Mood For Love.” If you love lingering, visually sumptuous and meditative takes on unconsummated passion, this flick fits the bill:

Feel Free To Comment Below and share some Films you’d love for us to See! Have a great rest of the weekend!!

  • Phillipé Salander

    I have to give In the Mood for Love another day in court. Maybe its because I was 18, maybe it was because I was watching it for class, but it was difficult for me to get through. You’ve inspired me to give it a second look.

    Also loved the history bit about your mother and movies. My mother is part of the reason I love movies (and books) so much.

    Your goal, while lofty is admirable. There was a period in my second year of college, when I finally moved out on my own that I used to go to this neighborhood video store that offered this deal where you paid $16/month and you could take out three movies at a time and get as many movies as you’d like in that month’s time. I was in there every other day, if not every day and it was such a rewarding experience. Watched a lot of things I might not have watched otherwise and went through my Woody Allen phase there. Got me through a pretty rough year 19. Look forward to seeing more about this!

    • justin woods

      That sounds like an aweosme deal!

  • justin woods

    I try and track my movies I watch in a journal like Anderson. I have been doing it for awhile now maybe 3-4 years. But I’m at 31 this year so far.