‘Train to Busan’ Giveaway From CinemAddicts

One of my favorite films from 2016 was the zombie thriller/family drama Train to Busan. I’m offering a One (1) Sealed, Never Used, Blu-ray of Train to Busan, and details on the giveaway are found after the jump.

Giveaway Requirements:

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  3. Please comment below and give me and Anderson Cowan a personal movie recommendation (it can be anything you want – we love getting recs!!).
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  5. The contest winner will be announced on our Facebook page and we’ll also the email the winner for their address info. Domestic entrants only and the contest ends January 22nd at 11:59 pm pt!

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***The Train to Busan Blu-ray debuts January 17 via Well Go USA.

  • Derek Mayer

    My two recommendations are my favorite movie of all-time and then what I think is the best movie I have seen. My favorite movie of all-time in Thir13en Ghosts from 2001. While I know it is not a great movie, it is a movie that I will watch whenever it is on. The best movie I have ever seen, in my opinion, is I Saw the Devil. I love Korean films and this is definitely the best. Its dark and gritty and just an amazing revenge film.

    • okay Thir13en Ghosts is a must see for me if you’re putting this as your fav. I like your choices, because you qualify them as your particular aesthetic – which is why I also do the same whenever I highly recommend Brian De Palma’s films to folks. Thx again for recs Derek!

  • Kevin Lawlor

    I saw a movie recently that I was completely floored by. “The Good, the Bad, the Weird” Directed by Kim Jee-woon. It is funny, exciting, and has the “Mad Max: Fury Road” sense that you can’t believe people were not killed with the audacity of the action and stunts. Check out the trailer…it is quite amazing.

    • Kevin Lawlor

      and I just realized that the previous poster recommended “I Saw the Devil”. Same director. Crazy coincidence

      • Derek Mayer

        Recently saw that one too. That chase scene is one of the coolest scenes I have seen in awhile.

      • Everyone I know loves “I Saw The Devil” – still haven’t seen this one either! – G

    • Yes – Anderson had The Good, The Bad, The Weird as one of his weekly streaming picks a few episodes back – still haven’t seen that..but want to. – G

  • Phillipé Salander

    Recently saw a subdued but twisted little thriller on Netflix starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead and Leland Orser called “Faults”. About a slippery academic/author who specializes in “de-programming” people who’ve been enraptured by cults. No spoilers, it gets bizarre and occasionally funny. Definitely recommend.


    • Thx for Recommendation. I love M.E.W. and will watch anything she does. Will add that to the list!

  • Tam

    Finally saw Sing Street. I can see what all the talk was about. Great soundtrack!

  • Kurt Wanzer

    Just finished watching Raid and Raid 2. Anderson was right about both (first one amazing, 2nd one not so much.) Is it just me or have these Kung Fu / fighting movies (raid, raid 2, Ong Bak etc.) sort of ruined the genre? With the relaxed safety measures involved in filming is these countries, all other fighting movies seem REAL FAKE – by comparison- and not believable at all (no punches landing, lots of CG) would love to hear both your thoughts in an episode, thanks

  • Brian O’Connell

    Since you both liked KUNG FU HUSTLE I think SHAOLIN SOCCER would be a fun goofy watch for you both. Unless you still haven’t seen The Collector.

  • Rocky4228

    I had a class in high school in which we watched foreign films with subtitles in lieu of regular reading assignments. I’ll try to recommend one that I saw for each of these giveaways. I’ll start with Monsieur Ibrahim, an Omar Sharif film from 2002.

  • Tim Anderson

    I was recently thinking of a movie with George C Scott called “Thie Changeling”. It was a an interesting sppoky ghost story. I was hoping it was available on Blu-Ray. There is a bunch of movies from around that time I really enjoyed. “Ghost Story” was a another.