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CinemAddicts Ep. 56: ‘Gold’ ‘Get The Girl’ ‘O.J.: Made In America’


Gold, starring Matthew McConaughey, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Edgar Ramírez, was our “sexy” pick this week. Anderson and I, however, were much more excited about two other films (O.J.: Made In America and Get The Girl). Take a listen below to this week’s episode!

If Matthew McConaughey is an actor you’d watch in anything (i.e. Failure To Launch, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past), then Gold is probably for you. Watching a potbellied McConaughey go giddy over gold, as well as bro-mancing with Edgar Ramrez, makes the film decent enough watch. I’ll watch anything with Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village is a personal fav). but unfortunately she’s wasted in the role.

Bryce Dallas Howard and Matthew McConaughey in "Gold" (Weinstein Company)
Bryce Dallas Howard and Matthew McConaughey in “Gold” (Weinstein Company)

Anderson’s not a fan of director Stephen Gaghan’s previous cinematic effort (Syriana), so I don’t think he’s going to check this film out in theaters. Regarding Syriana, I mistakenly referred to George Clooney as a journalist in the film (he plays a field agent).

Anderson binge watched O.J.: Made In America, and he highly praises the exhaustively researched documentary. Running at 467 minutes, the project has been roundly praised, and I hope one day to get to this project. That being said, I still have to take heed with Anderson’s recommendations (I still haven’t seen Bone Tomahawk, and that’s pretty shameful!)

Justin Dobies in “Get The Girl”

Get The Girl centers on a well to do but lonely bachelor named Clarence (Justin Dobies) who organizes the kidnapping Alexandra (Elizabeth Whitson), a bartender who’s the object of his desire. Clarence hires Patrick (Noah Segan), a womanizing d-bag he meets at another bar, to play the leader of the gang. Clarence will save Alexandra from these thugs, and the plan is to “get the girl” to fall in love with our “hero.”

Justin Dobies & Adi Shankar in “Get The Girl”

Director/writer Eric England blends the cheesy 1990s romantic comedy aesthetic with black comedy and a healthy share of violence. While many people will find this gumbo pot a bit discordant, I actually loved it. The chemistry between Dobies and Whitson works (they’d actually be perfect leads in a straight ahead romantic comedy), Segan’s great at playing a jerk, and England throws enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

Also, and I can’t believe I’m spending most of this post talking about this movie, Clarence is actually a pretty complex character, and Dobies successfully plays both sides of the man’s psyche with aplomb. Hopefully that doesn’t give too much away, but the bottom line is Get The Girl is a film that, even to this day, I’m thinking about. Gold, however, is another story!

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  • Tam

    Agree with this week’s show – OJ Made in America was riveting. A must see! I saw it when it aired on ESPN. Pretty amazing to get all of background and things the media didn’t share.

    • Anderson really praised the heck out of OJ Made in America…I honestly don’t know if I’ll ever get to it..AC’s such a diehard Doc. guy!