CinemAddicts Ep. 57: ‘I Am Not Your Negro’ ‘War On Everyone’ ‘Wheeler’

On this week’s CinemAddicts, Anderson and I review the Oscar nominated documentary I Am Not Your Negro. Other films covered include the Stephen Dorff country film Wheeler and the Alexander Skarsgård/Michael Peña buddy cop film War on Everyone. Take a listen below!

Based on James Baldwin’s unfinished book Remember This House, I Am Not Your Negro is narrated by Samuel L. Jackson and features Baldwin’s writings and musings on race relations in America. Remember This House was set to be an ambitious book on Baldwin’s friendships with Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, and Martin Luther King Jr., but unfortunately only 30 pages of his manuscript was completed.

Whether or not you’re interested in this subject matter or even into Baldwin as a writer, Samuel L. Jackson’s narration is worth the price of admission. As Anderson alludes to in the show, Jackson’s personality often overshadows some of his work. He’s refreshingly low key in I Am Not Your Negro, and overall I was completely mesmerized by this documentary. I gave it five stars and Anderson gave it four stars.

Anderson couldn’t finish War On Everyone due to technical difficulties with the screening link, but honestly he wasn’t missing much. I gave the film three stars because it’s worth a look when it hits streaming or Blu-ray, and some of the moments are clever. That being said, the movie really ends up being an empty calorie experience.

Stephen Dorff, who’s done great work in Somewhere, The Motel Life,and Felon, delivers another inspired (and surprising performance) as a wannabe country singer in Wheeler. So is the E-cig pitchman a believable country singer? Personally, I bought it (though he sounds more like a Bruce Springsteen offshoot than a country artist).

Last but definitely not least, Anderson gives a state of the state on Groupers, his feature film directing debut.

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