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CinemAddicts Ep. 58: ‘Kedi’ And Oscar Nominated Shorts


This week’s CinemAddicts has Anderson and I cinematically traveling to cat country, aka Istanbul with the new documentary Kedi. We also dive into a  bunch of Oscar nominated shorts, and Anderson gives us a state of the state on his feature directing debut Groupers!! More details plus the Soundcloud version of the show after the jump!!

Kedi – Oscilloscope Laboratories

I went pretty personal with my own experience with my cat Sunny during our review of Kedi, and since I’m a huge cat lover I ended up loving the movie way more than Anderson (he gave it three stars, I gave it four). Anderson and I also briefly discuss the indoor/outdoor cat issue.

Anderson and I cover a ton of ground as far as the Oscar shorts go. The shorts hit theaters on February 8th and On Demand February 21st (for more info go to Oscar shorts’ official site).

Joe’s Violin – one of my favorite Oscar Shorts of 2017.

During the show Anderson talks about being emotionally wrecked by the Syrian refugee doc 4.1 miles. My two favorite shorts, thus far, are Joe’s Violin and the Hungarian film Mindeki (Sing). We also discuss the extremely intense Extremis, a documentary set at the Intensive Care Unit at Highland Hospital (Oakland, Ca).

The mean choir teacher in “Mindenki.” (Hungary)

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