CinemAddicts Ep. 59: ‘A Cure For Wellness’ ‘XX’ And Oscar Shorts


This was both a disappointing and awesome episode of CinemAddicts for me. The sadness comes from my sheer disappointment of A Cure For Wellness and XX. Anderson’s pick of Untamed Heart, as well as his evisceration of a short I adore made this episode worth its weight in gold (or in our case, pennies). Details below!!!

‘XX’ – Magnet Releasing

I have a horrible reputation of liking almost every movie I see, but for some reason I absolutely can’t recommend XX or A Cure for Wellness (this movie runs 146 minutes). I said I was depressed on this week’s show, and though I may have been slightly kidding, I didn’t welcome being a total meanie this week by drubbing both flicks.

The proverbial gloves are off, however, as Anderson Cowan discusses the Oscar Shorts and doesn’t love my two favorites of the bunch (Joe’s Violin, Mindenki). In reviewing the Hungarian film Mindeki (aka “Sing), Anderson expressed his displeasure over the film’s theme. He and I are on opposite spectrums, and if you see Mindenki or even Joe’s Violin, we’d love to hear your opinions on those films (and the rest of the Oscar shorts).


Anderson, who earlier in the show gave his latest production update on his film Groupers, talked about his love for the underrated Christian Slater/Marisa Tomei film. Our show was taped on Valentines Day, so Anderson wanted a movie that would pull on one’s heart strings. I also share a personal story regarding Untamed Heart and the girl that got away (actually got away far, far, far away from me!!).

I am so glad Anderson picked Untamed Heart, as it brought back memories of a time gone by. it’s also a really good film, and give this movie a shot (it’s on Amazon Prime)!


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