CinemAddicts Ep. 60: ‘Dying Laughing’ & ‘The Girl With All The Gifts’


We’ve got two first rate films this week, which is a marked improvement to last episode’s dismal offering (although Anderson deep pulled the excellent Untamed Heart). Details on the documentary Dying Laughing and the zombie apocalypse thriller The Girl With All The Gifts below!

Before we jumped into the movies, Anderson gave an update on his upcoming feature directing debut Groupers. Cowan discusses the chemistry tests and the cast during the opening of the show – I’m really excited for the project (I love everything Anderson’s written – and this one definitely pushes the envelope and features his edgy humor as well).

Our first film is the documentary Dying Laughing, and as you can see from the poster there’s a ton of comics interviewed in the film. Anderson and I spent a ton of time talking about the insightful and always engaging flick. Although the subject matter (stand-up comics talking about the ins and outs of their craft) isn’t anything new, the documentary never gets boring. Anderson has a few complaints about the film (Bill Burr isn’t interviewed in the doc), but overall we both dug Dying Laughing.

I really loved the zombie thriller The Girl With All The Gifts, the story of Melanie (Sennia Nanua), a youth who’s been affected by a fungal disease that’s essentially turned her into a zombie. However, she and a group of other kids still retain a semblance of humanity (most people become immediately undead after the disease), and Melanie must figure out if she’ll eventually join the side of the flesh eaters or the humans! Although I stumbled on Sennia’s name on the show, don’t let my stupidity fool you – Sennia delivers a standout performance in the feature.

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