Will Jimmy Kimmel Host The Oscars In 2018??


Oscar night’s most memorable moment, at least this year, was the egregious mistake of bestowing the Best Picture Oscar to La La Land. Although the correction averted a total disaster, giving Moonlight its just due, the damage had already been done! What wasn’t damaged, however, was the reputation of Jimmy Kimmel, as he did a first rate job as the Oscar host!

Thankfully, the La La Land cast and filmmakers handled this error with grace, and now the conspiracy theories will arise on if Faye Dunaway actually read the wrong card or if it was simply an honest mistake.

Whether or not Pricewaterhousecoopers was actually telling the truth in their statement should serve as continued fodder for conspiracy theorists. An equally interesting topic for discussion centers on Jimmy Kimmel’s future as an Oscar host. Roundly praised for his work, Kimmel may become an Oscar fixture that even rivals Billy Crystal’s gloried union with Hollywood’s Golden God.

As far as Oscar predictions go, Kimmel is a surefire bet to host the 2018 festivities, but nothing in this life is ever 100%. If Kimmel doesn’t get the gig for a second year in a row, James Corden or Jimmy Fallon may be waiting in the wings. Don’t be surprised if previous Oscar hosts Chris Rock or Neil Patrick Harris are also considered if Kimmel doesn’t answer the call.

  • Tam

    I thought it was a great show despite the big whoops at the end. I think it was the wrong envelope just the way Warren Beatty looked twice at the envelope. It was like he looked to see if something else was in it. LOL. I felt bad for both movies, but La La Land handled it with class. Kimmel was good although I think the Matt Damon jokes got old.

    • Hi Tam! I still love those Damon Jokes even if they are getting old. I’m getting old as well so maybe I’m partial!!