CinemAddicts Ep. 62: ‘This Beautiful Fantastic’ ‘Brimstome’ & ‘Raw’

Due to Anderson Cowan’s fatherhood, podcast and Groupers duties, coupled with my manny and blogging schedule, we weren’t able to post a CinemAddicts episode until late Friday! First off – apologies for that – but Anderson is determined to keep the weekly feed going – and this episode’s a good one film-wise. Check out the details below my fellow Cinema-addicts!!!

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Bella Brown (Jessica Brown Findlay, who reminds me of Keira Knightley) is a solitary, wannabe writer living in London. When the landlord threatens to kick her out of her flat due to a horrifically unkempt backyard, her cranky neighbor Alfie (Tom Wilkinson) comes to hear aid. Co-starring Andrew Scott and Jeremy Irvine, This Beautiful Fantastic is simply a winning, feel good film. Cynics who love their movies black as night will probably despise this film, but it was a story that was beautifully told and I’ll probably return to this film time and time again over the years. I gave it four stars on the podcast, but my sentimental, weepy heart is probably giving it four and a half stars.

Brimstone centers on a frontier woman (Dakota Fanning) who’s been hunted down for most of her life by a vengeful and deranged preacher (Guy Pearce). It’s a Western that runs 149 minutes and has a ton of violence, but if you’re a  Western enthusiast and don’t mind a bit of blood and guts, then Brimstone might be your cup of tea (or joe). Both Fanning and Pearce deliver solid work in the film as well.

Garance Marillier stars as Justine in “RAW” a Focus World release. Photo credit: Courtesy of Focus World.

Finally, there is Raw, as Anderson Cowan and I do a pretty deep dive on the film. I thought Cowan was going to give this film three stars at the max, but he threw down four stars for the flick’s sheer audacity. I gave it four and a half stars, as the story of a veterinary student/vegetarian who tastes meat for the very first time simply had me at hello!! Like Brimstone, Raw is violent, and unsettling – buyers beware!!

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Check out this week’s show below with the movie breakdown featured right below the Soundcloud bar:

This Is Beautiful: 5:30 – 11:40
Brimstone: 16:05 – 25:40
Raw: 29:32 – 47:40

****Topics also discussed on Episode 62 include Anderson’s Ant Farms in Long Beach, Anderson’s collaboration with his Groupers cinematographer, The Film Vault bet that went awry, the city of Glendale, filmmakers Sergio Leone, Guillermo del Toro, and Paul Thomas Anderson (aka PTA!!). All of these great stories come from AC btw – this week (as in most weeks)  I have zero insightful anecdotes!!