Mean Dreams

CinemAddicts Ep. 63: ‘Mean Dreams’ And ‘All Nighter’ (well, sort of!!)


Mean Dreamsstarring the late Bill Paxton, is reviewed on this week’s CinemAddicts, and All Nighter is also briefly discussed but, due to an embargo, I couldn’t actually “review the movie.” More details down below!!

All Nighter
Emile Hirsch and J.K. Simmons in “All Nighter”

The embargo for “All Nighter” won’t be lifted until Friday, March 17th, so on this show I didn’t divulge my true opinions for the movie. However, I did mention that one of the places that’s featured in the film is a Korean coffee & tea spot called Hwa Sun Ji (for more details on the place, check out this LA Weekly piece). And…here’s a photo of pat-bing soo, my #1 go-to dessert, taken at the aforementioned venue:

As for “All Nighter,” I’ll have a review of the film posted here on Friday!! The trailer:

Both Anderson and I loved Bill Paxton’s performance as a crooked cop who’s tracking down his runaway daughter (Sophie Nélisse) and new boyfriend (Josh Wiggins) in “Mean Dreams.” Anderson gave the film three stars and I gave it four stars, as I totally loved Steve Cosens’ evocative DP work and the solid performances from both Nélisse and Wiggins. Director Nathan Morlando, who previously directed the 2011 feature Citizen Gangster, keeps the drama mostly grounded, and he brings a welcome subtlety to the proceedings (the picture could have veered off into over the top pulp fiction type territory, but the drama ends up being much more nuanced).

Take a listen to this week’s show below, and feel free to comment below!!