Sarah Habel - Atomica

Movie Love: Sarah Habel Talks ‘Dirty Dancing’

Actress Sarah Habel stars in the sci-fi thriller Atomica with Tom Sizemore and Dominic Monaghan. My interview with Habel is housed on Hollywood Outbreak, and during the final portion of that chat she talked about her love for Dirty Dancing. Check out the audio below, as well as the trailer for Atomica!!

Sarah Habel in ‘Atomica.’ Photo courtesy of SyFy Films.

“Dirty Dancing has been and will always be my favorite movie,” said Habel, who was featured this season on the CW series Riverdale and also starred in Rush. “I love (Jennifer Grey’s) journey of empowerment and I love her breaking out of her shell. I love her emotional connection with her father – I cry every time I watch it.”

Horrible admission – I still haven’t seen Dirty Dancing!


Atomica hits theaters March 17 and is available on VOD and Digital HD March 21.