Dig Two Graves

CinemAddicts Ep. 64: ‘Wilson’ ‘Bokeh’ And ‘Dig Two Graves’

Apologies for posting the Episode 64 recap way too late than usual. One reason is a good one, as Anderson Cowan is currently shooting his feature debut Groupers. The other reason is I’ve been slammed to the gills as well being a Manny and figuring things out w/ my respective blogs. Alas, here’s the recap from 64 – and if there’s one thing I can leave you with regarding this post – please hunt down Dig Two Graves!!!

(From L-R): Woody Harrelson as “Wilson”, Isabella Amana as “Claire” and Laura Dern as “Pippi” in the film WILSON.
Photo by Wilson Webb. © 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

I love Woody Harrelson and Laura Dern, and I totally dug Daniel Clowes’ Ghost World. Unfortunately Wilson, which features Woody as the titular character, was too flawed to strongly recommend. Wilson’s attempts to create a makeshift family with his ex-lover (Dern) and the daughter (Isabella Amara) he never knew he had was a solid enough premise. Even though it has several funny moments and the actors do good work in the project (especially Amara), the story just wasn’t told in an arresting fashion.

Maika Monroe in ‘Bokeh’

I actually liked Bokeh more than Anderson as the story of a young couple (Matt O’Leary, Maika Monroe) who are seemingly the only survivors on Earth (the film is set in Iceland) absolutely intrigued me to the very end. We both agreed that the film is visually arresting, but the story simply didn’t land with Anderson. I loved the film’s cerebral approach to this Twilight Zone-ish narrative. The Michael Clayton-ish ending (regarding the post credits scene) was just one of the things I dug about Bokeh. The film is now out on VOD.

Dig Two Graves

Available in select theaters and on iTunes, Dig Two Graves is currently my favorite film of the year (I gave it five stars).  The supernatural thriller centers on Jake Mather (Captain Fantastic’s Samantha Isler), a 13-year-old who makes a deal with three moonshiners who to bring her brother back from the dead. In payment, Jake must sacrifice the life of another person in her small town. Ted Levine (Silence of the Lambs, Monk) is Jake’s grandfather Sheriff Waterhouse, a man whose sins of the past have come back to haunt him.

Dig Two Graves hit me on every level. Isler and Levine are perfect in their roles, and their bond feels actually palpable. The mystery behind the small town  also gripped me, and it’s also a beautiful looking film (parts of the movie were shot in this Southern Illinois section called Little Egypt).

Essentially, I dig Dig Two Graves as much as Anderson loves Buzzard. So it’s highly recommended!!