Movie Love: Rob Lowe Talks Favorite Films And Reflects On Curtis Hanson


I’ll be ramping up our “Movie Love” segment in the coming months, and whenever I do a press junket I’ll try to squeeze in my “what movie or movies do you love to watch over and over again and why” question. I asked Rob Lowe about his fav flicks, and his answer (audio included) is below!!!

“Stream of consciousness, no particular order, “Network”, “Slap Shot”, “Jerry Maguire”, “Good Fellas”, “Out of Africa”, “The Way We Were”, “Three Days of the Condor”, “Apocalypse Now”, the Godfathers. I mean, I was really lucky to grow up and be young enough and inexperienced enough to experience the Golden Age of movies, which I would say was 1968 to 1980.” – Rob Lowe

As for Lowe’s body of work, I’m a huge fan of Bad Influence, a thriller directed by Curtis Hanson and co-starring James Spader (Anderson and I discussed the film on Episode 23). It’s one of Lowe’s darkest roles to date, and during the How To Be A Latin Lover interviews I asked him about working with Curtis Hanson:

“It’s been a brutal year for all, I mean, I lost Curtis Hanson, I lost Bill Paxton, two of my great mentors and friends. Curtis was, first of all, an unbelievable writer. Just an unbelievable writer, and I would argue the greatest level writer and director ever. Like Bob Towne, great writer, o.k. director. But I don’t know any other, Coppola maybe. Coppola wrote “Patton”, won an Oscar. But that was one movie. Curtis wrote a bunch of movies. He was unbelievable. Really, really well missed.” – Rob Lowe

***Have you seen any of Lowe’s picks? Or maybe checked out Bad Influence? Please comment below – I’m a lonely dude and I love getting feedback (thankfully Anderson is a much more socially adept person than I am!!)

How to be a Latin Lover , featuring Lowe, Salma Hayek, and Eugenio Derbez, opens April 28 and I’ll be discussing that film on CinemAddicts with Anderson!!