CinemAddicts Ep. 70: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2’ Toplines May Movies!!

Episode 70 of CinemAddicts brings a change to the program, as we will be taping our show on a monthly basis for the foreseeable. Details below on how things are changing up but in other aspects also remaining the same!

The key for us each month is to talk about films we’re looking forward to seeing and also recapping a few flicks we loved from the previous month. With May’s episode being a bit scattershot, our June episode should be more value added since we’ll be also discussing May films we adored.

Of course four episodes per month is better than one huge episode, but for now this is the way Anderson and I can keep the CinemAddicts show and community alive.

I’ll be continuing to post on our website and doing our weekly giveaways and Anderson will also be checking in during the month. The key is to keep CinemAddicts alive and well, and hopefully the website and our Facebook page will fill in a bit of that empty space.

For those who listened to this week’s program, I know am the proud owner of a Zoom H6 (a bit pricer than the Zoom H4N but worth it!).

Check out Episode 70 below as we talk about a few May movies (I also throw in a recommendation for the fascinating documentary Burden):