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Movie Love: Ken Marino Talks ‘Tootsie’ And ‘The Big Lebowski’

During the How to be a Latin Lover interviews, I asked director Ken Marino to name one of his favorite movies. He picked two films, Tootsie and The Big Lebowski, and he explains why he loves those movies after the jump!

Along with his early days on MTV’s The State, Marino has starred in his share of TV shows (Veronica Mars, Marry Me) and films (Bad Milo, Masterminds) as well as penned a couple of screenplays (Wanderlust, the hilarious Role Models). How To Be A Latin Lover marks his feature directing debut. Anyways, here’s audio of Marino discussing his love for Tootsie and The Big Lebowski:

So where how much do you love Tootsie and/or The Big Lebowski? Have you seen How To Be A Latin Lover? Do you miss our weekly CinemAddicts feed?? Feel free to comment below!!