‘Toni Erdmann’ DVD Giveaway From CinemAddicts


Since I’ve put you guys through the hoops “liking” all my Facebook pages for the Get Out Giveaway, I won’t be doing the same for the Toni Erdmann DVD giveaway. I’ve only viewed this DVD once (the flick’s 162 minutes – but it’s really fantastic and surprisingly touching) and the entry details is very easy. Info is found after the jump.

Toni Erdmann Giveaway Rules:

  1. Please “Like” our FB page: Facebook.com/thecinemaddicts
  2. Most of you have already done #1, so this is the real “requirement” for the giveaway – Please recommend a movie in the comments section below or on our Facebook page thread – and tell us why you love this movie so much! (note: if this is your first time doing a CinemAddicts giveaway, just “like” our FB page and you’re good – comments are just for the giveaway vets!)
  3. Must have a U.S. address to enter! Once you enter, please email us at ourcinemaddicts@gmail.com to let us know!
  4. Contest ends Tuesday, May 23rd at 11:59 pm pt!

This is a pretty no-frills type giveaway to all you vets of CinemAddicts, but I really want to get the Movie comments section going on our website. Once I have time, I want to check out as many of your movie recommendations as possible – so the more the merrier!



  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    I recommend MOONLIGHT: the film is gritty, realistic, heart-rending and yet touched with hope. What a gorgeous insight into the evolution of a sidelined nervous boy into an adult who takes a journey to self cognizance and fulfilment of desire.

    • Loved “Moonlight” as well – basically like watching two movies all for the price of one. I’m guessing the movie gets even better with a second viewing!

  • Alec Vasquez

    Probably my favorite movie over the past few years is Kings of Summer. Just loved the style and comedy of that movie