It Comes At Night

CinemAddicts Ep. 71: ‘It Comes At Night’ & ‘Wonder Woman’

Anderson Cowan, aka the director of  Groupers, and myself are back with our monthly show and as Cowan promised, it’s a longer one than usual. I know this doesn’t make up for our weekly input, but check out this week’s show and a brief overview below!!

It Comes At Night
“It Comes At Night.” Photo by Eric McNatt, courtesy of A24

We start off the show with Anderson giving an update on the aforementioned Groupers, as it’s now in the safe hands of a production/editing house. After we finished the show, I checked out a two and a half minute scene from the picture and I liked it (the lead actress pulled off the movie’s oftentimes machine-gun like dialogue).

Since I’m not as dynamic, intelligent, or incisive as Mr. Cowan, I try to bring a little added value to the program, and I was able to catch It Comes At Night last week (the film opens June 9th). Starring Joel Edgerton, Carmen Ejogo, and my new man crush Christopher Abbott, the flick is definitely worth watching if you’re a thriller fan.

Wonder Woman
Photo Credit: Clay Enos (TM & DC Comics)

A slew of June films are discussed on the episode, and if you slog through the program you’ll hear our thoughts on Churchill, Okja The Beguiled, The Book of Henry, Wonder Woman and The Bad Batch.

Lastly Anderson and I will be looking into different ways to generate revenue for CinemAddicts. Right now we’re going the affiliate marketing route, and we recently signed up as part of the Wal-Mart affiliate program. If you shop at Wal-Mart feel free to use our click through on our website landing page!!

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