Ghost World

‘Ghost World’ Blu-Ray Giveaway From CinemAddicts

I’m giving away my Blu-ray review copy of Criterion’s GHOST WORLD. This Terry Zwigoff/Daniel Clowes collaboration is absolutely supreme imo (w/ great work from Scarlett Johansson, Thora Birch, and especially Steve Buscemi). Entry details below and trust me you want to get in on this one!!

****I was previously going to put this Blu-ray giveaway on Deepest Dream but have decided to, at least for the rest of this month, post all of my giveaways on CinemAddicts. I’ll resume posting giveaways on Deepest Dream starting July when I have more time to post stuff online!!

“Ghost World” Blu-Ray Entry Details

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  2. If you’re a member of all three (FB, YouTube, IG) platforms, you’ll be entered three times on the contest. If you’ve done two, then you get two entries…etc..
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  4. U.S. entries only!!
  5. Winner will be announced on our Facebook page. Contest ends Monday, June 12th at11:59 pst!!

Ghost World

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