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‘1000 Movies’ For 2017 and Maybe 2018!!

A part of my Brian De Palma collection

With Anderson doing his Friday/Saturday movie picks on our Facebook page, I’m also going to give my failed “1000 Movies” effort another go (there’s more to life than my fixation with Brian De Palma movies!). This time out, I’m going for a completely different approach, and I’m asking your help in the process!!

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CinemAddicts Ep. 42/43: ‘Loving’ & ‘Gimme Danger’

Anderson and I super-sized this episode as Mr. Cowan was busy last week with the birth of his baby boy Atticus. He’s also in the final legs of crowd funding for his movie Groupers, a project that, in my opinion, is a solidly told story. Details on this week’s long show is found after the jump.

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Ep 23: ‘King Jack,’ ‘De Palma,’ ‘Warcraft,’ ‘Diary of a Chambermaid’

It’s Brian De Palma week on CinemAddicts!!! Yes!!! More importantly, however, we have a ton of movies this week for you to check out. Anderson and I absolutely disagree on one of these films, but more on that after the jump!!

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