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CinemAddicts Ep 52: ‘Paterson’ ’20th Century Women’ ‘By Sidney Lumet’

It’s the last show of the year, and Anderson Cowan and I cover Paterson, 20th Century Women, and the documentary By Sidney Lumet. Quick recap of the year-end show, as well as a detailed breakdown of the, as Anderson likes to say, proohgrum (aka program), is found after the jump.

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‘180 Seconds Or Less’ With ‘Tickled’ (Ep 24)

Not gonna blab that much on this post, but just adding that Tickled, directed by David Farrier and Dylan Reeve, is our CinemAddicts pick of the week. Whenever that happens, Anderson Cowan and I attempt to review the movie in ‘180 Seconds or Less.’

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Anyways, here’s this week’s ‘180 Seconds or Less’ Vid:

And….this week’s show via Soundcloud:

Ep 24: ‘Tickled,’ ‘Finding Dory,’ & ‘The Last Heist’

Anderson Cowan and I were pretty much blown away by the new documentary Tickled, New Zealand reporter David Farrier’s journey into the heart of darkness of CET (‘Competitive Endurance Tickling’). It’s an immersive and compelling documentary which, along with showing the destructive underbelly of this world, also shows that Farrier and co-director Dylan Reeve are not afraid to dig for the truth (even with the threat of lawsuits!)

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